Activities for Residents

Our team are very passionate and determined to provide and encourage meaningful activities for our residents. All residents are encouraged to join in as much as they can enabling them to fully experience the services provided here at Arden House.

Activities at Arden House

The team at Arden House work very hard to organise dedicated classes and activities that are meaningful and appropriate to all of our residents. With our underlying belief in a ‘Person Centred Approach’, all residents will be included at the decision making stage of organising our various activities. This ensures that there will be some activities that all residents are able to participate in.

Activities include

  • Weekly health and fitness class
  • Trips
  • In house activities
  • Karaoke
  • Shopping

We will always go that extra mile to include our residents in as many activities as they feel comfortable with.

Because We Care

Regular activities are thoughtfully designed to engage all residents at some level. Depending on the age and health of our residents’ activities are often varied as appropriate, ensuring no-one feels left out.

Residents are encouraged to keep fit and stay healthy and even some light activity such as walking trips can often be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Our team strive to keep our residents busy and organise many activities throughout the year, particularly at birthdays and Christmas where there will be a number of shows for residents in the Christmas period.

Fun activities are a very popular event, and our residents’ birthdays are always an occasion for a party!